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My favorite Kanazawa
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Welcoe to this page.This is the reccomendation of KANAZAWA by Prince Kochan's Production
We introduce my favorite KANAZAWA.


Kanazawa Sakura Hyakkei

Sakura(cherry blossom) viewing spots in Kanazawa.

Mt. Iozen

This mountain is the most famous in Kanazawa.To the east of Kanazawa (the Ishikawa-Toyama border) rises the peak of Mt. Iozen.

The panoramic view from the top of the Mt. Shirahage

Mt. Shirahage is the one of the peak of Mt. Iozen.

Mt. Okuiozen

This Okuiouzen is the mountain top of Mt. Iozen.

Iwana dyaya(chaya)

Iwana dyaya is the Japanese char restaurant at the foot of Mt. Iozen.

Mt. Kuragatake

Kuragatake is the mountain which is in the south of Kanazawa. It is possible to go with the car to the foot on the mountain.
This is the view of Mt. Kuragatake.-->> Live web camera "The sky of Kanazawa"

Yuwaku Spa and Tori Dam

Yuwaku Spa is the most famous spa in Kanazawa.This is the driving guide from Yuwaku Spa to Tori Dam(Toyama pref.).

Fukatani Spa

Fukatani Spa is an one of many spa in Kanazawa.This spa has the Nou theater in the hotel.

Daijoji temple

Daijoji is the old temple which was built at 1262.


York is the jazz bar.


Gamba is the izakaya(Japanese style bar).


Umadura is the izakaya(Japanese style bar). And umadura means the name of the Japanese fish.


Wagaya is the bar. My favorite menu is a pizza and a vegetable salad.


Moromi-gura is in Oono-machi which town is famous for its soy sauce.This is the gallery and the tearoom.


This is a report of restaurant in Kanazawa.

12 Kanazawa landscape painted by FUJII,Hajime

One page of the FUJII,Hajime Virtual Museum.


Kanazawa's traditional game since Edo period.


Kanazawa's traditional Japanese unbaked sweets which are five different types,five diffferent colors.


Himuro is a ice house. Manju is a one of Japanese sweets. The custom of eating himuro-manju began at Edo period. Many people in Kanazawa eat himuro-manju on July first.

Landscape from my town

The view from the roof of my home.
This is the page of Live web camera "The sky of Kanazawa"